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Concrete Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Services

When you notice any cracks, damages, dents or wear and tear in your concrete, the best thing to do is contact the Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew. Our team of concrete repair builders can make your concrete driveway, patio, pool, sidewalk, walkway, floor, retaining wall and foundation as good as new with our repair services. You can contact our concrete contractor company for your concrete repair services.

Concrete Maintenance Services

Our concrete contractor service provides maintenance to preserve the look and shine of your concrete construction. Through this, we preserve surface damage on your concrete. At Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide you with concrete cleaning to preserve its look and sealing to keep it durable and strong.

Our concrete cleaning services are done with power washers and pressure washers, which allow us to get rid of mold growth, dirt, grime and oil stains on the concrete. Our concrete contraction contractor will enhance the longevity and give the curb appeal a great look.

We also provide concrete sealing services that make your construction more durable. We apply a sealing product to your concrete driveway, patio, floor, wall and other structures, creating a hydrophobic barrier that prevents it from water damage.

Concrete Leveling

We can lift your unleveled, dente, or broken concrete sidewalk, walkway, driveway or floor to get rid of trip hazards and make it look as good as new. When you have unequally settled concrete slabs, our experts can help you level it out by drilling small holes in the concrete, pumping it up with leveling compound and patching it up with your non-shrink grout.

Keep in mind that concrete leveling won’t be needed if the slabs are crumbling or cracked, tree roots lift them out, and also if the concrete surface isn’t smooth. In cases like this, you might need concrete replacement instead.

Concrete Caulking

If you’re looking for the best way to prolong the life of your concrete structure, you can contact us for our concrete caulking services. With concrete caulking, we can seal up existing cracks in your concrete and even stop new ones from forming.

You can also contact us for your concrete caulking as a preventive measure. If you notice that you’ve had that concrete structure for a long time, you should contact us for caulking before the cracks appear.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is one of the most delicate and difficult repairs to carry out in Anniston, AL. We provide foundation repair for your residential and commercial property, providing a permanent solution to foundation failures, bowed basement walls, leaning chimneys and sinking foundations.

If you notice any damage to your foundation, like a bent chimney, cracked walls or doors that won’t close, you can contact us for your foundation repair services. Contact us for your foundation repair services, and we will inspect the foundation to provide you with a quote.

Concrete Replacement

At Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide concrete replacement services for residential and commercial properties. If you notice that your concrete is damaged beyond repair, we can remove what is left of it and replace it with new concrete.

Call Our Concrete Repair Builders

Start working with our professional concrete repair builders for your concrete construction today. At Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide expert concrete repair that makes your structure look as good as new.