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Commercial Concrete Construction Services in Anniston, AL

At Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide excellent concrete construction services to business owners and property owners. Our experts work with those that own warehouses, restaurants, industrial buildings and retail stores. We can install any concrete project that you need, whether it’s a floor for your warehouse or a parking lot for your restaurant.

If your commercial concrete construction is getting damaged or going through wear and tear, you can also contact us for your concrete removal and replacement services. This ensures that there is no danger to potential customers and your business looks great. We use the strongest concrete mix for your commercial concrete construction.

Concrete Flooring for Commercial Properties

At Anniston AL Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide concrete flooring for your commercial building. We provide concrete strength and durability with a lot of design opportunities. We can make concrete floors for any commercial building, and aside from design and installation, we also provide coatings, finishing, coloring and polishing.

Aside from all the designs you get, there are different benefits of a concrete floor for your commercial business. It is affordable and effective and has very low maintenance. Concrete is highly durable and will last for a long time. Concrete floors even help with heat controls.

Concrete Parking Lots

You can contact Anniston AL Concrete for your concrete parking lot on any commercial property. Our concrete parking lot services will keep your property safe and attractive to the general public. We can also install speed bumps in your parking lot and help you with zoning laws and permits that apply to the parking lot construction.

A parking lot made from concrete offers a lot of benefits. Concrete can deal with environmental exposure and is slip-resistant, making it safe during harsh weather conditions. Concrete also has a sloped surface, which offers better drainage and low risks of cracking.

Concrete Entryways for Businesses

You can make your business more attractive and inviting to your prospective customers by providing you with a concrete entryway. There are different materials that you can use to make your entryway, but concrete is more durable and damage-resistant for commercial uses. It is also slip resistant, so it would keep your customers safe.

We can make your entryway match the look of your business’ décor using different entryway designs. Our experts will also provide stamped, stained and stenciled concrete entryways, colored concrete, concrete scoring, exposed aggregate designs and more.

Concrete Loading Docks

If you need a loading dock for your commercial property, there’s nothing better than using concrete. Concrete is a sturdy and reliable material that will last a long time and handle heavy loads. Installing a concrete loading dock is important because it cannot be removed, so you need a company that gets it right the first and only time.

We provide you with high-strength concrete that can handle the heaviest machinery and make use of different concrete designs that make your loading dock stand out. We also follow the local zoning laws in Anniston regarding loading docks.

Commercial Concrete Slab Construction

Our concrete wall builders provide slab construction for commercial properties. If you need a concrete contractor company to build a trash pad, storage pad, and other slabs, you might need our concrete slab construction services that make use of a solid mix of concrete materials to give you a durable pad.

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When you’re in need of concrete companies near me, you can contact us for your commercial project. Our team of concrete contractors can handle your project with effectiveness and quality materials, bringing your design to life. Regardless of the concrete project you want to start, you can contact us for a quote.